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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.


Do you need a quick gift?
Don't want to wait for production time?
We have the solution: Our entire selection of immediate delivery ready to buy online with shipping to your home.

All products in this collection are available for immediate delivery. Shipped by parcel the next business day.

Please note that for the piece to be shipped immediately it must be purchased only from the selection shown below and must say immediate delivery in the description.

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  2. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY / UNIQUE PIECE / Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds / 14k Yellow Gold / Size 9
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  3. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY / Drop Moonstone Ring with Pink Sapphires / 14k Rose Gold / Size 5.75
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  6. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY / Emerald cut Sapphire Ring / 14k White Gold / size 6.5
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  7. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY / Drop cut Sapphire Ring / 14k rose gold / size 7.25
  8. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY / Citrine ring with pink sapphire and diamonds / 14k yellow gold / Size 8
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