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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.

Production times

How do I calculate the arrival of my order?

The production time of our pieces can vary, but the average is 6 weeks of production.

IMPORTANT: Orders that enter during the month of November are considered HIGH SEASON, as it says in the purchase confirmation emails, the pieces take 6-8 weeks due to the enormous volume of orders.

On some line pieces, there is guaranteed SHIPPING before Christmas, if the order is placed no later than November 21, 2021. NOT ALL PARTS APPLY, you can check the pieces that apply here:

If your order arrives on or after November 22, or is not one of our selection with SHIPPING before Christmas, your order will be sent in January 2024.

We say shipping before Christmas, since our shipping date will be the days before December 24, however we cannot guarantee the performance and delivery of external parcels.

A little about our production process:

We know that if you've placed an order for fine jewelry, it's super exciting to receive it and the production time may seem long. However, it is very important to take into account that fine jewelry is made through an artisanal process, with careful attention to detail, and that it is not mass produced. In general, all fine jewelry takes time and dedication and that is how you know that your piece will last a lifetime. Many times setbacks arise in production that we must solve to guarantee that your piece is what you expect.

To calculate the arrival of your package, which we know generates a lot of excitement, we ask you to estimate 6 weeks from the date of your order. Unless you purchased your piece on sale during HOT SALE or BUEN FIN, or Ariela's birthday, since it is our busiest season and the volume of orders is extremely high, we require more time in production.
Example: If your order arrived on January 1, the expected delivery date of the package will be between February 5 and 12. This date is the one that leaves the workshop, please consider that on that date the package is delivered to parcel delivery and they are external to us. Normally 1-5 business days parcel travel.

Please consider that in high season and discount seasons, delivery time extends up to 6-8 weeks and a few additional days.
Example: if you placed your order on May 31, the package is expected to leave between July 12 and 16, and if it falls on holidays it will be sent the next business day.

We try to be very specific with production times so as not to cause disappointment. We know that on important dates many of you would like to receive your pieces on a specific date, however on many occasions, the date when the order was placed no longer allows delivery before the desired date.

We are sure that if you bought something as a gift, your loved one will understand that a piece of fine jewelry takes time and will be very happy to receive it at any time.

If you did not consider the production time for your piece and it is a gift, you can click here to obtain a nice certificate indicating that the gift is in production. This is a detail that you can print and deliver on the day you planned to give the gift and it generates a lot of emotion.

We have a large express section with many parts ready to ship, so there is no need to wait for production time.
Learn about our immediate delivery section here: s/entrega-inmediata