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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.


Next, we tell you how to apply months without interest paying with PayPal.

  1. Choose the products you want to purchase and add them to your cart.
  2. Go to your shopping cart and click on “place your order”.
  3. Complete the contact information: Email, shipping information, and click on “continue with shipments”.
  4. Choose your shipping method and click on “Continue with payment”
  5. As a payment method you must choose PayPal (you need to have a PayPal account, you can create it in 2 minutes).
  6. Click on “complete order”.
  7. A new window will open in PayPal and there you can choose the number of monthly payments you want to pay.
  8. Ready!

It is very important that you follow these steps so that the interest-free months are applied. If you choose PayPal Express Checkout, the amount will be charged in cash.