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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.

Virtual Appointments

We present our virtual appointments to the public with the intention of providing a comprehensive personalized service.

While we all continue to adapt to the current situation due to COVID19, we want to reinvent ourselves with the changing times and we have found ourselves in the need to take several virtual appointments that have turned out to be very successful.

At Ariela'z we have been providing virtual appointments to our clients outside CDMX for more than 2 years through WhatsApp and FaceTime, however, now we have decided to do it in a much more formal way by scheduling appointments through our system and having virtual appointments directly with a 100% personalized time allocated to satisfy all your special requests and requirements.

Our quotes and personalized pieces service is also still available via WhatsApp where our custom design manager will be very happy to assist you if you do not require a virtual appointment.

With virtual appointments we address the following issues:

  • Engagement ring design and quotes.

  • Design and quotes for custom pieces.

  • If you are looking for a specific stone, we can show it to you and show you different composition options.

  • See different loose stones.

  • Any matter with a personalized purchase intention.

Please only schedule a virtual appointment if you have any of these requirements.

We remain at your service for everything else via WhatsApp at (55) 8611 1822 or via email at

All our line pieces are available to purchase at

To schedule your virtual appointment, click on the following link and make sure to select virtual appointment.