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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.

Serenity Ring

  • $ 3,800.00
Tax included.

This ring is part of our collection of anti-anxiety rings.

In addition to having a super unique and beautiful design, they have 14k gold beads with stones that move around the band.

In this way, the fingers are kept busy, promoting concentration and modifying bad habits, in addition to providing calm and relieving, in a certain way, stress. 

Anti-anxiety rings are also said to be meditation rings or rings to help with worries. 

This particular piece has a single bead with a 2.4mm stone of your choice, you can choose between 14k yellow, rose or white gold. Order your normal size.

These rings are made completely to order and by hand in CDMX, so the production time ranges from 5 to 8 weeks.