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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.

ADVANCE / SECTION Half Churumbela of Opalescent Pink Spinel, total value 8120 pesos

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We will make some beautiful and very special churumbelas of opalescent spinels in the tone "bubblegum pink", the stones measure 3.5mm (they are large) and each churumbela will have 9 stones. The type of assembly of the churumbela is our "Leah" model.

When doing this section it is still necessary to settle the total value of the piece.

You can leave it mounted as suggested or add more stones in a custom design for an additional cost depending on the choice. If you require, you can make a virtual appointment or request designs by WhatsApp to add to the stone.

By making the payment (separate) for this product you are only paying the advance payment. In order for your piece to be delivered you must pay the total amount.

Please remember that in order to send your piece the final amount must be settled.

These spinels are unique pieces and no others exist. If it appears as "SOLD OUT" it is because someone already bought it.

This product does not participate in promotions or discounts. If you use any discount code or MSI for this part, your order will be cancelled.

This piece is made to order and is ready within 5-8 weeks.