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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.


'Always In My Heart' Necklace

  • $ 5,620.00
Tax included.

This necklace has a 14k gold chain and the pendant comes soldered to it.

Use it to commemorate the most significant people and events in your life.

Available in your choice of 14k yellow, rose or white gold.

You can choose between ruby, sapphire or diamond at an additional cost.

Each stone measures 2.3mm and weighs approximately 0.05ct resulting in a total of 0.15ct.

If you would like more than one heart on the chain, we can add it without problem, the cost is 2800 pesos and in diamond for 4,100 pesos.

This piece is from our fine line, please allow 4/6 weeks in production for delivery.