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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.


ADVANCE / SECTION Purple Pink Diamond “K” / Drop Cut / Measurements: 2.53 x 4.65mm, total value 22,350 pesos

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Pink and purple diamonds are true spectacles. Their exceptional color is due to natural rarities, making them valuable and exclusive investments. Even in small sizes, their scarcity makes them super desirable and sought-after pieces. If you decide to invest in a pink or purple diamond, you are adding a natural rarity to your collection that will transcend generations. Approximate weight between 0.10 and 0.16ct

Remember that when you reserve this product, you must still pay for the complete piece, its final price is specified above. If you pay for this product, it is an ADVANCE PAYMENT.
You can leave the stone mounted in a solitaire ring or add more pieces at additional cost for a custom design. For a personalized design or to add additional stones, you must contact us via WhatsApp at (55) 8611 1822 or request an additional accommodation there. The price of the solitaire ring piece in 14k gold (yellow, pink or white) is as specified in the description above, if you would like to make it a necklace, please consider an increase of 2500 pesos for the chain. We do not sell loose stone. Please remember that in order to send your piece the final amount must be settled. This piece is a unique piece and no other exists. If it appears as "SOLD OUT" it is because someone already bought it. This product does not participate in promotions or discounts. If you use any discount code or MSI for this part, your order will be cancelled.