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All our pieces are made by Mexican hands in Mexico City.

Las Chokers, la tendencia de joyería que llegó para quedarse

Chokers, the jewelry trend that is here to stay

Chokers are everywhere. From celebrities to Pinterest, we can't stop seeing them.

Here we leave you some tips to wear this trend better than anyone else.

1. Use rigid metal Chokers instead of ribbon.

This shows elegance and finesse, and also shows that you are well aware of the trend but that you want to wear it differently.

2. Try the relaxed Choker.

This Choker is the version that is not as tight around the neck as our Liquid Gold Choker. These pieces fall a little lower on the neck while remaining rigid and look amazing combined with other necklaces.

3. "Less is NOT more"

If you combine several chokers of different textures and styles you will look spectacular and create a super 'cool' effect.