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Llegó la época de graduaciones y nosotros te decimos como verte increíble.

Graduation season has arrived and we tell you how to look incredible.

Graduations are an incredible time. It is the celebration of the completion of studies, whether ours or those of our loved ones, and the desire to look incredible is at its fullest.

Below we tell you how to look incredible with accessories that will complement your look whatever your type of dress.

1.If your dress is " strapless" :

If you have a strapless dress, complement it with a choker and some large earrings, this way your neckline will shine and your accessories will be complementary to the space that the straps no longer occupy.

Take advantage of using many accessories and take advantage of the minimalist neckline and draw attention to your face with colors like pink or red on your lips.

Don't forget an amazing cocktail ring.

Here an example:

2. If your dress has a "V" neck:

Dresses with this cut are ideal for slimming the torso and making you look taller. If you complement it with a medium-length necklace that falls on the neckline, you will impress everyone.

At elegant events like graduations, a chain ring always looks incredible because it is unexpected and very original, but at the same time it adds a lot of elegance. Combine it with other rings and you will look spectacular.

A large bracelet is a guarantee for an evening event, don't forget to use it.

Keep all the attention on your clothes and accessories by keeping your makeup classic.

We give you an example:

3. If your dress is "Crop Top":

This trend is here to stay, the crop top is ideal to combine with a maxi skirt, don't forget to play with your accessories to look different.

Since there is more play of colors or textures in the two pieces of the dress, use more delicate pieces of jewelry such as a chain ring and a single choker, small earrings and a feminine ring.

Since the crop top trend is original and avant-garde, don't be afraid to take risks with makeup, paint your nails a fun color and be the life of the party.

An example:

4. If your dress has "Band-Aids" on the straps:

To complement the lightness of the straps in these dresses, it is important that you use large and spectacular earrings. Remember that these are the ones that frame your face.

Wear a matching cocktail ring and sexy makeup.

sexy graduation dress

5. If your dress is asymmetrical:

This type of neck is ideal for everyone as it flatters all body types. Wear it with large earrings to level out the details of the dress.

Wear a very large strapless arm cuff to even out the aesthetic weight and wear an earcuff with an updo for extra style.

Don't be afraid to mix metals or colors for your accessories.

Use complementary colors to your dress for your makeup and nails.

We teach you here how:

graduations outfit

Remember to have a lot of fun and steal all the attention.
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And remember that the best accessory you can wear is a smile accompanied by a good attitude.